Thursday, January 26, 2006

Maybe not so much with the "unnatural acts"

I just adore Horatio, though, and since I quoted Hamlet's "words" line in my title I needed something from his BFF as a complement. If I had a fantasy BFF? Horatio. I appreciate Hamlet's complexity, particularly his delicious facility with language, but Horatio's steadfast loyalty never fails to move me. I mean, do you have any friends who would try to drink poison because you died? I'm pretty sure I don't.

Gods love Kenneth Branagh for directing Nick Farrell so brilliantly in his Hamlet movie--and Farrell himself for his subtle performance. Hey! Maybe he would consent to becoming my BFF, providing me a kind of six degrees of separation connection to the problematically fictional Horatio.

Nick! Call me!


At 11:17 PM, Anonymous DeNara said...


I would totally drink poison if you died. Just so you know. And I would drink it because 1. you are awesome and 2. I would have no more of your blogs to read. You kick ass, sister!

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

makes me want to read hamlet again. it's been ages since i've been visited by ghosts that haunt and taunt in a dark recess--if it's dark and scary why do they call it a "recess"? school, playground, hello??!!

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Shell said...

"I would totally drink poison if you died. Just so you know. "

Oh, sure, you say that now. . .


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