Monday, September 10, 2007

Like you need another Britney post...

Go here to read the Entertainment Weekly review of Britney's VMA "performance."

You can watch the video there as well, if you're brave enough.

Here's my issue: Do I feel sorry for her? Because I kind of do, but then I think, but she's totally rich and fucking it all up and, like, at what point does that become her fault? I watched the video and holy shit what a total phone-in. I mean, she wasn't even trying to look interested, and her hair looked like hammered poo and she was even missing a FINGERNAIL for chrissake and she could barely walk in the stupid boots she was wearing. Who the hell let her go out there like that, seriously? I just want to know. Oh--and then she left the scene of the crime later in a mini-dress and flashed her freakishly stripped bare cootch for the photographers AGAIN some MORE and I just can't sorry for her am I required to feel at this point?

I'm asking seriously.

By the by, if you're wondering where the hell I've been, I started a new job professing the English at a wonderful 4-year liberal arts university, and I love it like I love that the new season of Judge Judy started today, but I'm wicked busy and just haven't had time to do much else.


At 12:40 AM, Anonymous Charming Driver said...

I know she's a grown ass woman with two kids and responsible for her actions but at the same time, part of me can't NOT think ''two kids in three years, marriage, divorce, addiction''...and yeah. I feel bad for her but much worse for her babies.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Hoto said...

i think she should sing and not dance to much trying to look like a 18 year old girly.

At 3:04 PM, Anonymous It's Me... Maven said...

See, I don't think the biggest problem was her alleged fatness. The problem was her ambivalence, her laxidaisical lypsynching, and how obviously she should have gone to rehearsals to get those dance steps figured out.

The way I see it, she needs to do like Madonna, and reinvent herself, or just shitcan the whole idea of being the bubble gum snapping, snapper baring pop princess wannabe.


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