Sunday, July 27, 2008

People are so odd

Flying home from Chicago this morning I sat in a row with a woman in possession of at least 50 years who--I shit you not--clutched a stuffed animal the entire flight.

Come on. Have some dignity. Either you'll make it home or you won't, but remember what your mother used to say about always wearing crisp underwear in case you find yourself offending some poor paramedic with your sagging elastic and skid marks? I'm going to suggest that you think about how you'll be remembered if the plane does go down and your mangled corpse is discovered clinging to Boo Boo Kitty.

I was sitting by the window and Kitty Klinger was on the aisle; between us was a college girl on her way back to school. The moment KK sat down she started babbling at this poor kid. Her rather alarming introductory declaration: "I've got to take my Dramamine now. The older I get I just get worse and worse. The last time I flew I got so sick!"

Um. Not so much what your fellow passengers want to hear while we're buckling ourselves in next to you? Thanks.

Then she went off about her kids and her grandkid and all the jobs she's had since she got divorced because she always put her kids first you know that was the way she approached it so if a job started to interfere with that why she went and found another one.

I hate people like this so, so much. I am not pathologically unfriendly, but I could not be less interested in being trapped by the boring lives of strangers. It's rude to do this, to take advantage of the politeness of others and force them to endure your bullshit. And put down that stupid toy, you weirdo.


At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's great to have you back!


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