Thursday, February 09, 2006

Oh, no, you did NOT, Project Runway!

Are they kidding me? They chose Santino's ghastly jumpsuit over Nick's suit? I do not know any woman who would willingly put on this outfit:

No. WAY.

It's all gathery and bunchy in all the wrong places, makes lovely Kara look four months pregnant, and the whole sleeve fucking came off on the runway. It was poop on toast AND it wasn't sewn together at all! What is with their hard-on for Santino? They have let him get away with so many pieces of crap now while sending home designers who suck less. I don't even hate Santino in any personal way--I think he's kind of funny--but his clothes BLOW.

I'm the first to admit that Nick's suit for Daniel wasn't so great. His seams weren't smooth (though they did manage to HOLD TOGETHER) and, yeah, the judges were right that the pants should've had pockets. But I could see what he was going for, I think--kind of a mod Beatles look, very tight and slim, which is perfect for Daniel's slender frame. And they're giving him a hard time because the jacket didn't include a fastener while Santino's fugly jumpsuit is dropping limbs like it's suffering the final stages of leprosy ON THE RUNWAY? The suit was not that bad, is all I'm saying:

But I guess this is the end, Nick. You were kind of bitchy sometimes, maybe a bit high strung if we're being honest with each other, but your interviews were hilarious and I still love you. Auf Wiedersehen.


At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes, yes yes, I completely agree with you! Kara is indeed lovely, but NO ONE could be lovely in that ill-made jumpsuit. The show seems hell-bent on keeping Santino less because of his designing skill (which is servicable, but frankly below the quality of, say, Andre's) and more because he's the most "outrageous" personality that this season produced.

All I'm saying is that the winner had better be Daniel or Chloe, as they can actually sew and design well ...

(oh, and Shelley, it's me: Kathy S. from days gone by in the basement!)

At 2:00 PM, Blogger Shell said...

The color of the jumpsuit was even ugly! It was an extravaganza of fug!

Hi, Kathy! How exciting to see you here. Are you going to be on tv again any time soon? Because that was awesome.

At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read the recap, read your blog, watched the episode, and am still pissed off. There was so much wrong with their decision to vote of Nick. It was a jumpsuit, a freaking jumpsuit. She looked like a brown caterpiller. And so I'm thinking well they're just letting him pass because of his overall performance, but then Robot-girl lets Daniel know that it should have been him to go. The guy who's won a gazillion challenges. The only saving grace was the preview for next week where winner from last season says, "Yea, I hope you get canned." Because I hope he gets canned and unless Santino peruses blogs that mention his name (which come to think of it he may) he'll never know how I feel.
Oh, and if by chance Santino taps you on the shoulder and says, "Chloe look at this" I think you are really pretty (and Daniel made you look like the token asian hooker you see in Vietnam war movies)


At 12:08 PM, Blogger Shell said...

Well, exactly, like I'M SO SURE they would've booted Daniel. What a crock.

Santino is not that interesting! I just don't get it.

At 5:05 AM, Blogger Belle said...

I can't watch those reality shows but I have to tell you what that picture reminded me of...remember those old McDonald (I think it was McDonald's) commercials where the woman was dressed in some potato sack dress with a bubushka on her head and they said in some foreign accent, "Svimvear", "Eveningvear" yet the outfit never changed?! It was that same poopy color, too.

At 12:18 PM, Blogger Shell said...

from the TWoP recap:

"Here comes Daniel. There is a black shirt under the gray suit. Okay, so the feminine question. Yes, it looks feminine. But, it still looks right for Daniel to be wearing it. I think he looks like a little Brit rocker right now."

Thank you! Did I say mod Beatles? By Jove, I believe I did.

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel is feminine. The suit was supposed to be mod. It was made for the runway; and Daniel rocked that suit all the way down the runway. Do the judges remember the point of the freaking show? The designer's are designing for the runway. They aren't designing for mainstream America. In this particular episode, they were supposed to design for a specific person. Nick designed for a super thin, angular-faced, could dress up like David Bowie pretty easily dude who doesn't need pockets to walk down the freaking runway.

It's so wrong to make an outfit for a man without pockets but it's okay for Santino to make an outfit that screams slutty crack-whore Barbie for Kara? If I were Kara, I would have said to the judges, "Excuse me, but I think I am having an allergic reaction to all this glue that is holding this heinous polyester to my body."

Why didn't the judges ask the designers who had been designed for more questions about the outfits that were made for them? I know they asked some, but they should have asked more.

I must admit that Daniel's clothes have impressed me, being the fashion icon that I am, but he seemed a bit petulant last week with some of his answers. What he did to Chloe was wrong, but at least he didn't glue it to her body and create lines where lines need not be created.



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