Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Revenge of the Probst

I couldn't make this shit up.

If you're a regular visitor, you've probably noticed that I changed my blog template. I did so in part because I was already tired of the old one, but also because I was having trouble getting it to display correctly at times. I could not figure out what the problem was, but sometimes the posts section would be pushed down below the sidebar. I knew that must mean that something was too long for the "div" (watch me using the lingo! avert your eyes from the glory of my mad html skilz!) but I couldn't find it.

Until I changed templates yesterday, when I discovered that the wrench in my works was the link included in
this post.

Yes, the link that was too long for my page was that horrible, nightmarish portal to the (fake, I still insist) Probst Penile Pictures.


At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Gunther Grabhorne said...

The peerless pioneer Dr. Werner Krauthammer must remain in Terra del Fie Eggo incognito for the time being in order to ensure his personal safety and financial security, but he has requested that I pass on to you the following urgent message in light of this new and alarming indication.

At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Helga said...

Shelley, I'm totaly unbiased, but I know that Werner is a wonder worker. Don't hesatate to max out your credit cards on his services. You'll be glad you did. Beleving that the pictures have been photoshopped is denial! Free yourself!


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