Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tom Cruise is a FREAK

I am dead serious right now. Would you just look at this picture?

I never watched Dawson's Creek and have had no reason to form an opinion of any kind about Katie Holmes, but I do know that she did not look like this before. And don't tell me it's the pregnancy because I've been pregnant my own self, and while it made me vomit and weep (both incessantly) and blow up real good it never made me stare dead-eyed into a camera like someone about to be decapitated in a hostage video. What is he DOING to her?

Maybe I watch too much Law & Order, but I feel like calling the police when I see this photo. As if her shattered visage weren't disturbing enough in itself, the juxtaposition of her obvious misery against his giant face-eating grin gives me the creeping willies. She absolutely appears to be making one last desperate doomed attempt at a psychic plea for rescue. Can't you hear her begging you to intervene? While he keeps his firm grip on her neck so she knows not to try running (again)?

The report accompanying the picture (linked above) describes a conversation between Cruise and a "friend," in which he claimed that he was tucking Katie away until his child was born. There are about twelve things going on in that statement with which I have problems, so I'm not even gonna go there, except to say that I totally believe it because he is SCARY.


At 7:23 PM, Blogger Belle said...

Perhaps she's finally figuring out that whole fantasy she had about Tom Cruise when she was little is really turning out to be a total nightmare?! She's young, young people make a lot of mistakes.

You're right though, she definitely doesn't look as happy as she did in the beginning. Or perhaps she was just caught on an off day.

At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Lu said...

Hey, Dr. S., it's Lu, fellow pregnancy-in-toxic-basement survivor. :-)

You know, I boycotted what was by all reports a perfectly decent sci-fi movie because I cannot--CANNOT--bear to lay eyes on this man, let alone support in any way his purchase of a "home sonogram machine", a phrase which certainly is a contradiction in terms if ever I've heard one.

I do not wish a bad delivery on anyone. However, won't it be delightful when poor, brainwashed Katie begins to scream for an epidural, and he pulls out the Scientology crap and tells her to be quiet, and she grabs his balls and twists real hard, just to see how he manages it?

That I'd pay to see.

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Shell said...

God, no kidding. I haven't seen that film either, in large part because of how much I despise him. I could write a whole new entry on how I LOATHE that fucking Top Gun movie.

Also--Hi, Lu! Good to "see" you. :)


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