Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Captain, My Captain and some Idol reaction

First and foremost let me wish my beloved William Shatner a very happy 75th birthday. I like Picard as much as the next person, but you will always be the captain of my heart, you puffed up old scenery-chewer.

Speaking of, could someone please explain to me how American Idol presented a night of 50s tunes with no one singing Elvis? Where's the love for The King, Idol? Where's the reverence?

I confess to fast forwarding through almost everything but the actual singing (I haven't watched an episode of Idol live since the first season) so maybe I missed something, but I never got a clear idea of the theme. Fifties songs in general? In which case leaving out Elvis seems egregious? Or were they only choosing from Barry's new album of 50s classics? Because then I assume it makes sense, though I have not yet pulled up Rhapsody to listen to that no doubt fabulous album. (Read that without sarcasm, by the way. Barry is aces with me. Cool Breeze writes the motherfucking songs.)

Either way, I enjoyed last night's episode more than any so far this round, I believe. There were missteps, no question, but overall it worked for me. It's a MUCH better kind of theme than making them all sing from one artist's oeuvre, that's for sure. That Stevie Wonder bullshit was excruciating.

Clearest in my memory:

Katharine must call me immediately so that she and I can begin our long lives as BFF. I totally have a girl crush on her; I just feel in my core that if I were Katharine I would be a better person.

When Kat comes over she should bring Mandisa, who also kicks ass.

Pickler was better than I've seen her in weeks, though my affection has never wavered. I LOVE Patsy Cline, and KP looked comfortable and confident and sounded great. Good on you, sister.

Taylor is the one who should've sung Elvis. Or anything other than that tripe he threw out. I love his voice (though I could do with less twitching) but "Oh Boy" sucked ass. Sorry, homeslice.

Bucky was not good, so much so that I can't remember exactly why.

Chris's performance was . . . bizarre. I liked it, don't get me wrong, but I'm still gobsmacked that they're letting him get away with it. When Simon praised him for not compromising I thought, "Yeah, but we'll never know how many tried and failed, will we?" (I like my tinfoil hat, y'all. It keeps the Communists from broadcasting secrets through the fillings in my teeth.)

Kevin is still adorable, and I liked that song on him, so nyah. Bite me, h8ers.

Who's left? Oh, Ace. He sounded fine, I guess. Very Ace-like. And Lisa, who will be eliminated tonight. "Why Do Fools Fall" is a great song, but she sounded like she was singing it through a filter, like I was hearing it through the floor of an upstairs apartment while trying to sleep (thank gods those days are over). She was doing way too much desperate hopping and grinning and it gave me empathetic embarrassment and killed her sound. That song's not a dirge, by any means, but it's not giddy, either; she had no idea what she was singing about. Ugh. Painful. And such a shame since her voice can be so powerful.

Oh--I forgot Elliott. I like him. He seems nice and has a pretty voice. That's all I've got since I can't remember what he sang.

Interestingly, the Vegas odds at the beginning of the season showed Ace way out in front. My bet would not be on Ace now. Chris and Taylor--perhaps even Elliott--will outlast Ace, is my prediction. Feel free to act on that tip, friends.


At 4:15 PM, Blogger Shell said...

I knew I forgot someone--Paris. She was good, but somehow not as good as I wanted her to be. I think because, like so many of these Idol singers, she doesn't sound that great when she's not belting. At least she didn't on "Fever" last night. It just didn't do that much for me.


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