Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sorry! Totally my bad.

Wow. How much do I suck? First I fucked up the songs from last night: Bucky is the one who bored me silly with "Oh Boy," while Taylor sang some other boring-ass song about not fading away. Still not Elvis, though.

Now I find that I was off in my conviction that Lisa was absolutely gone tonight. Like, I almost didn't even watch the shit except I heard Barry was going to sing--that's how sure I was. I did have the bottom three right, though you didn't exactly need the Psychic Friends to puzzle that out, but I was as wrong as possible about their order.

So bye, wee Kevin. I hope you land somewhere with no Ryan Seacrests to dance around and humiliate you incessantly. Get a good therapist and start the rebuilding process now.


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